Party hard, dream harder

The best DJs in the world and the best clubs in Europe, all in one beach, Zrce Beach

This is Pag

The island of Pag is the ideal place for those who want not only the sun, the beach and the sea, but also parties, elegant clubs and excellent music during their holidays. Spending the days celebrating, every evening, until six in the morning. The discos are outdoors and overlook the sea. Many events and festivals take place during the summer months. Almost all the best DJs in the world have already played at least once in one of the big 4 clubs on ZRCE Beach!

BYP offers

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an unforgettable summer. Let yourself be carried away by the music of the coolest clubs in Europe. Dance until dawn rises over the sea. Swim in the crystal clear waters. Dream. You live. Love whoever you want. Be whoever you want. Be your Party!