Be Your Party

Our history

What started as a game between friends over a glass of tequila has turned into a wonderful reality. After trying every type of party, we set out to redefine what fun is all about. Over time, the group of friends has transformed into a team of professionals who, thanks to the excellent results achieved, have expanded into the best places of European nightlife. We build the escape route from a monotonous life always offering FREEDOM of choice. Over the years, our professionalism and credibility have led us to have partners of the caliber of Pacha, Papaya Beach Club, Aquarius Beach Club, Noa Beach Club, Kalipso Beach Club, Mega Disco Colossos, Disco Revolution and many others.

80.000 people

They have chosen us to live the best experience of their lives, sharing incredible moments.

Your satisfaction is our success

We work to guarantee you the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

A long way to go!

For us this is just the beginning, we still have so many blank pages to write together!

Be your party people

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